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Benefits of Preventative UPS Maintenance

30th April 2024

An uninterruptible power supply is a crucial piece of equipment for businesses of all kinds and sizes, ensuring power is always supplied. Preventative maintenance for your UPS unit can be equally crucial in saving you time, money and stress caused by disturbances.

Preventative maintenance provides a regular detailed inspection of your UPS to ensure there is as much uptime to critical loads and that all operations are maximised. What are the specific benefits to a preventative maintenance programme?

Reduce Downtime

Taking pro-active steps to protect the health of your power back-up system through preventative maintenance, you can avoid downtime in your business. Inspection, testing and cleaning of your unit by trained technicians ensure it is operating to its full potential. Any possible failure will be averted.

Save Money

Downtime equates to lost money, which can be critical to companies of all kinds. Of course, downtime in a critical environment like a hospital can mean something far worse than lost money. Having regular check-ups and inspections on your UPS will be far less expensive than the cost of a sudden power failure.

Using preventative measures OR doing a UPS battery replacement for the UPS unit can lengthen the working life of UPS components. It will also give you better energy efficiency and give you a more cost-effective product.

Better Performance

In addition to providing better energy efficiency, another great benefit of preventative UPS maintenance or battery replacement is that it will improve the performance of the unit. As well as cleaning and removing dirt and debris, your maintenance programme will also ensure all connections and contacts are correct too. It’s important to note that an old UPS can put extra stress on your system, whereas a battery replacement removes this stress.

Increase Productivity

If your business relies upon a UPS unit for continuous power, a preventative maintenance programme will ensure there is no interruption and therefore no halt in productivity. All businesses now rely on computer equipment and a main server which, if interrupted, will take time to get up and running again. Information from the maintenance reports you receive will inform your decisions about repair and replacement, ensuring they are done in a timely manner.

An effective preventative maintenance programme can be one of the most cost-effective decisions you make regarding the health of your critical equipment and therefore your overall business.

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