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ATS Panels from YorPower

ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) panels detect when the mains electricity supply fails and sends a signal to the emergency generator control panel to start the generator. When the generator control panel senses that the correct voltage and speed measured in frequency, expressed as Hz, the YorPower ATS panel switches or transfers the load from the failed mains power supply to the emergency generator. When mains electricity is restored, the Auto Transfer Switch panel will swap the load back to the main incoming supply and send a signal to the generator control panel to stop the generator.YorPower Automatic Transfer Panels are designed to work in conjunction with our autostart control panels. All ATS (Automatic Transfer Switches) include a 4-pole automatic changeover device, phase failure detection, timers and a generator run relay. Automatic Includes controlled switching from loss of mains back to restored mains in a timed sequence, with generator starting facility, cooling run on and adjustable mains/generator monitoring parameters. Manual 4 pole manual change over with I/O/II, Handle, with padlock option, in off position suitable for top/bottom/both to enable cable entry.

Our sister company, provide electrical power systems, combining electrical disconnect switches, fuses or circuit breakers which control, protect and isolate other electrical equipment. This allows works to be carried out in remote locations and the ability to fault find downstream.

You can view our dedicated ATS Panels website here.


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GA 1000A

Rating: 1000A
SIZE: 1000 x 1200 x 320

WAS £2,666 + VAT...

ats 1000 amp