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ATS Panels

Brilliant ideas and electrical systems brought to life! High quality controls design, panels and LV switchgear

YorPower (formerly Glenace) design and manufacture high quality control panels and ATS systems ranging from single starter enclosures to multi bay panel suites.

ATS Panels

Depending on the type of application required, Glenace ATS panels can manually or automatically switch your load to an alternative supply should your primary power source fail.

Our Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS panels) are used in multiple applications across many industry sectors including Building Management, Water & Sewage Treatments, Data Centres, Hospitals and public offices. Whether you require our services for business or domestic use, our ATS panels will provide you with safe and effective systems that maximise protection in the event of a power outage.

YorPower ATS panels use a Socomec controller for most industrial applications, however, where economy is paramount, a phase failure relay is incorporated in place of the Socomec unit which substantially reduces cost. ATS panels can be built in 3 or 4 pole configuration.


All YorPower ATS panels are built with safety in mind and comply with directives laid down by the British Standards Institute and European Union. Consideration is always given to ease of installation for goods we supply, with care and attention paid to termination sizes and cabling access. We follow strict safety regulations to ensure we provide the safest, most efficient solutions. ​

For more information, call or email us, we would be delighted to work with you on your next project ​

Tel: 0345 200 9888​

Email: [email protected]

ATS Panels 2
What do we offer?

YorPower specialise in the manufacture of ATS panels, Control Boards, LV switchgear, single starter enclosures, multi bay panel suites and synchronising equipment for use with mains.

ATS Panels

The YorPower (formerly Glenace) range of ATS Panels and Manual Transfer Switches starts at 40 Amps and tops out at 4000 Amps.

We offer 3 phase and 1 phase panels which can be installed in both commercial and domestic applications.

For technical support and a more in depth look at what we offer, please call us, we would be delighted to help.

Our prices are very competitive and our turn around time from order placement to goods complete is one of the fastest in the industry.

Control Panels

YorPower (formerly Glenace) design and build Control Panels, Manufacture, Install and Commission electrical systems for low voltage ( up to 3200 Amps) electrical panels. We take a project from outline concept design, to full installation, commissioning and handover for a wide range of applications and market sector industries. ​

Our control panel manufacturing team and wireman work in tandem with our design engineers, maximising time, ideas and productivity ​

Glenace manufacture a range of control panels from standard designs which we have fixed patterns or, bespoke built consoles to meet a specification. ​

Applications include: ​

Motor Control Centres Modular Control Rooms Distribution & Protection Panels Electrical Distribution Boards Instrument Panel Design and Manufacture Telemetry Control Panels Mimic Panels Annunciator & Test Panels Control Desks & Mimics PLC and SCADA Enclosures.

LV Switchgear

YorPower design and manufacture electrical power systems and LV switchgear combining electrical disconnect switches, fuses or circuit breakers which control, protect and isolate other electrical equipment. We design Switchgear to de-energise services equipment which allows works to be carried out in remote locations and the ability to fault find downstream. ​

We use well known trusted UK, US, German and Japanese components to ensure the quality and integrity of our equipment. All designs and manufacture is carried out at our base in Sheffield and we are proud of our heritage in engineering which stretches back some 20 years. ​

YorPower can design and build cabinets with separation that conforms to Form 1, 2, 3 and 4 and also 4a (types 1, 2 and 3) and 4b (types 5, 6, 7 and 8) from single cabinet to multi compartmentalised systems. Our LV range of equipment is limited to 3200 Amps.

Synchronising Panels & Switchgear

Paralleling Switchgear and Control Systems by YorPower (formerly Glenace) are designed and manufactured to provide maximum flexibility and control of power generation systems. Our synchronising designs integrate all aspects of metering, protection, communication and controls to deliver maximum performance, reduced fuel consumption and improved economy as well as system reliability.

YorPower’s knowledge with generators and LV equipment from all major European and US manufacturers, controls panel brands and governor systems for prime movers, results in efficient and innovative parallel switchgear designs for redundant power applications. ​

Types of Application

Prime Power Applications – where generators are the only source or main source of power as in say island-mod i.e. no mains is available Standby Power – where the generators serve as back-up to the main (utility) source, commonly installed in hospitals, airport, waste-water/water treatment facilities, Paralleling with The Grid– where generators are applied to supplement the main source (as in peak shave applications) and may also act as the standby system as well.

Load priority control where loads are applied from a pre-determined sequence, highest to lowest priority, based on system capacity and characteristics. Generator operational control where only the pre-determined number of generators are asked to start and carry load, either in a scramble or preset start-sequence. Operator interface touch-screen terminals (OIT)/Human Machine Interface (HMI) where system controls and interrogation can be accomplished at the switchgear or from a remote network/PC/PLC.

Remote communications in the most common industry protocols like modbus/canbus and being fully conversant with industry leading Ethernet/interface modules, comm-ports and RS 485 type connections. Utility paralleling system designs in passive closed transition (waiting for the sources to become synchronized in voltage, frequency and phase angle), active closed transition (where synchronization is dynamically controlled), soft load or continuous base loading systems. ​

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For more information, call or email us, we would be delighted to work with you on your next project.

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