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The most popular range we sell are our ‘house built’ Perkins generators. The engineering techniques employed by Perkins, including carefully matched turbocharging and emissions controls, means we can offer excellent fuel-efficient Perkins generators right up to 2200kVA. YorPower assembles its Perkins diesel generator sets at its factory in Sherburn in Elmet and distributes them globally.


The new and updated YorPower YXP range and YTP Perkins generators, introduced in mid-2018, are all now built at our production facility in the UK. The engines we use are UK built and originate from the Perkins Peterborough factory.

The new designs incorporate the 2200 Perkins engine series manufactured in the YorPower YXP350RSC and YXP400RSC prime rated models. The full YorPower Perkins generators series starts at 10kVA and finishes at 2200kVA.

Other improvements in the design of Perkins generators include, a bunded area at the base of each enclosure to contain potential fluid spills or leaks, improved rigidity and structure of steel enclosure and all of our diesel generators are now built with ABB circuit protection.


There are many additional upgrade options clients can choose from for Perkins generators. These range from upgraded DSE/CoMap/Woodward control panels, alternators with PMG and improved AVR’s, Synchronised capable generators with engine management system adjustment, heavy gauge steel for our export clients and tropical radiators for Non-standard ISO conditions. We also provide a huge selection of canopies and enclosures for Perkins generators where noise control is paramount.

We offer an economy range of Perkins generators which are designed for export only.


For 30 years YorPower has provided customers with generators powered by Perkins engines. Formed in 1932, Perkins is based at Peterborough in the UK and is part of the Caterpillar group of businesses.

Perkins is a world leader in the design and manufacture of diesel and gas engines ranging from 5 to 2600hp for a wide variety of applications, including construction, agriculture, power generation, materials handling and industrial situations.

Perkins has a sizeable portfolio of diesel engines forming part of a whole series designed to provide dependable, base load, prime or standby power for genset applications. For a worldwide list of authorised dealers for Perkins generators, go to the Perkins Engines Company Limited website

YorPower is committed to making available to customers some of the most advanced and comprehensive, purpose built engines available today. We know that the range manufactured by Perkins, when used in the complete generator sets we deliver, ensures that this promise is upheld.

Find out more about YorPower. Please be sure to explore the rest of our diesel generators as well.