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Warranty Support and Generator Maintenance

At YorPower we offer full warranty product support, whether we have built and assembled your genset or a third party has manufactured the equipment and we have sold it to you. Our Maintenance & Warranty support sees our engineers who are spread throughout the UK, deliver and provide both scheduled and emergency onsite support, 24/7/365, ensuring our clients have complete peace of mind. Our Sister business PPSPower deliver this aftermarket service and would be delighted to discuss any service and maintenance packages you may be considering. 

The YorPower Warranty is typically 12 months after commissioning of your generator/equipment or up to a maximum of 18 months after purchase. If your genset has stood idle in poor conditions for up to a month it could render the warranty void.

Our markets are varied, span a huge variety of sectors and our clients are diverse, spread far and wide around the globe and include; hospitals, schools, universities, data centres, agriculture, small and large businesses, power stations, telecoms, oil and gas, construction and many more. We operate in developing economies around the world and we are sympathetic and empathetic to differing needs.

Standard Minor Generator Inspection Visit (once per annum) includes:

Generator system function test and critical systems test.

Fuel pipe & Electrical connections checked including; Battery, Control Panel & Auto Start Function.

Run Generator to confirm fully operational.

Check coolant level

Air filter inspection

Fuel filter inspection

Standard Major Generator Inspection Visit (once per annum) includes:

All above plus below

Oil filters changed with OEM brand.

Oil changed if filters changed dependent on hours run

Fuel Filters changed using Perkins, Cummins or appropriate brand.

Coolant filter changed (if required).

Air filters checked & cleaned.

Oil and coolant levels topped up & Oil Sample taken for analysis.

For more information please contact us for some sound free advice