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Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

Installing an uninterruptible power supply is an excellent way to protect your mission critical systems. However, it is no guarantee of continual power as UPS components and UPS batteries can fail if they are not properly maintained to a high standard. A planned program of UPS maintenance should always be considered as an essential part of any standby power protection system.

As part of our proactive approach to ensuring system reliability and risk reduction, our UPS maintenance plans provide peace of mind. Knowing that your systems are working as designed will provide you with added confidence in your system infrastructure. In addition, 24 hour telephone support is provided as standard. In the event of a fault, a fully qualified and highly trained engineer will attend site within a specified time period to rectify the problem as quickly as possible.

YorPower offer complete UPS solutions, UPS maintenance repairs and UPS service on a national scale.


Why YorPower?

  • YorPower are an authorised Riello UPS reseller and service provider
  • YorPower offer a wide range of affordable UPS solutions for small to medium size businesses. Compact, free standing or rack mounted, user-friendly single phase UPS solutions providing unrivaled reliability and availability from 700 VA to 20 kVA
  • Revolutionary backup power supplies and standby diesel generators for large networks and data centres. Three phase Riello UPS solutions from 10kVA to 800kVA, scalable to 6.4MVA providing class-leading availability, scalability and high efficiency suitable for today’s demanding IT environment
  • Specialist UPS solutions for use in harsh environments and in external applications
  • Industrial UPS from 30kVA to 125kVA
  • A wide range of UPS battery solutions able to meet any UPS autonomy requirements and space/floor load restrictions that may exist
  • UPS battery environment management and remote battery monitoring solutions
  • Battery impedance testing of all UPS battery cells included at every maintenance interval
  • YorPower design, supply and install all UPS Switchgear Panels and changeover panels for UPS Bypass and back-up Diesel Generator systems

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some popular questions we get asked about Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

Why are UPS systems important?

UPS units are important as they provide uninterrupted power during a power outage.

How much do UPS systems cost?

It all depends on the type and size of UPS, smaller units can cost anything from a couple of hundred pounds, as the units get bigger and the battery sizes increase, the price goes up.

What kinds of UPS are there?

There are three main types of UPS.

  • Online – is a double conversion unit, this means it rectifies AC to DC to charge the batteries, then inverts DC back to AC to provide the AC output to the essential load.
  • Line-interactive – this type of unit supplies power to the critical load via the bypass line in normal operation, when a power cut occurs it switches to inverter.
  • Standby – this type of unit provides basic protection from power interruptions, when the power fails it switches to battery operation but there is a slight delay (usually milliseconds). This type of unit is advise to be used on less essential pieces of equipment

Can a UPS stay plugged in all the time?

Yes! It can stay plugged in for as long as you need back up power

How long will UPS last without power?

That depends on how long the client has requested. A UPS can last from as little as a minute or hours and hours, this is decided during the site survey period.

Which device should not be plugged into an UPS?

Devices with inductive loads are recommended not be connected to a UPS, these devices tend to have a high start-up currents. These are mainly pieces of equipment with compressors or motors built in (like air conditioning units).

Does a UPS run out of battery?

Yes, a UPS like any other equipment powered from a battery can fully deplete. This will all depend on how much back up time the UPS has and how long the power cut is.

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