100kVA Riello Master HP

100kVA Riello Master HP
Riello UPS UPS
Prime Power: 100 kVA


The Master HP and Master HE series represent the optimum Riello UPS solution for installations requiring high efficiency, a low impact on the mains and maximum power availability.
Their ON LINE technology (classified as VFI-SS-111) combined with the transformer-based design and IGBT rectifier provide not only maximum protection and power quality to the most
critical applications such as data centers or industrial loads, but also minimises the impact on the mains supply and reduces the risk of oversizing generator sets.

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Master HP/HE supports the SMART ACTIVE Mode, meaning they are capable of selecting the best operating mode between ON LINE or ECO depending on the quality of the mains, maximising UPS efficiency. Master HP/HE also guarantees high efficiency at partial loads and in case of parallel installations, the units can work in EFFICIENCY CONTROL Mode (ECM) to increase efficiency whilst still ensuring the required redundancy: depending on the real-time load, it sets surplus UPS units to “idle”, allowing to the live units to run at the most efficient working point. ECM implements also a smart logic to ensure the units and components age at a similar rate.

Model Riello UPS UPS
Power 100 kVA
Noise 65 dB
Dimensions (L/W/H) 850 x 800 x 1900
Hertz 50 / 60 HZ