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Generator Servicing & Maintenance

Generator Servicing & Repairs (Formerly PPSPower)

YorPower have over 60 years’ experience in generator servicing, generators maintenance and generator repairs in the UK. We have engineers and support staff strategically placed throughout the UK to ensure we’ve got all regions covered and no enquiry is too far.

Our generator service teams will work with you to understand your needs and provide them with a tailored solution that is both cost effective and reliable. We’ll make recommendations based on what we think the right approach is for your business, as we know there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ approach to generator maintenance.

When it comes to generators, we offer servicing for large ongoing generator contracts, where we will work with you to decide the best generator servicing package for your needs. This could be directly with Facilities Managers, Operations Managers or Business Owners. As well as ongoing generator maintenance contracts, we also offer services for one off generator repairs if you’re home or personal generator is broken and needs an engineer to come out and repair it. Usually, this is for larger gensets.

We have experience servicing generators of all brands from Perkins and Cummins to CAT, FG Wilson, Volvo and many more.

Our expertise is carried across numerous sectors, including HealthcareData CentresRetail & HospitalityCommercial OfficesPublic Services and Manufacturing & Distribution, so it’s likely our team would’ve dealt with similar services before.

For all generator servicing or repair enquiries, please get in touch with us today and we’ll work with you to find the right solution at the best price.

What our clients say about us

Our valued clients have shared their experiences with us. Read what they have to say about our services:

“YorPower deliver a high level of service to our clients and together we have managed to grow. The level of honesty and communication we get from the team is essential to our business.”

Contracts Manager UK & Ireland GE Digital Energy

“YorPower have looked after our back-up power systems for many years now and I have always found them to deliver an exceptional service. The engineers are great on site and the follow up from the internal team is extremely efficient.”

Building Services Manager Menzies Distribution

“A wee thank you for the quick service last night, the Operations guy’s also asked me to pass on praise for the work done by the engineers, they were impressed with the effort the guys put in to resolve the problem.”

E&M Team Leader Scottish Water

“The recent operational high risk work on the generator at Kirkella Exchange to keep our services protected and our customers in East Yorkshire on-line and communicating without disruption has been a fantastic piece of work”

Power & Enivornment Operations Manager KCOM
KCOM logo

YorPower Maintenance are part of wider group of companies that include YorPower Projects and YorPower Controls.

This gives us exceptionally good buying power with a wide range of manufacturers of generators giving us the ability to offer you exactly what you need for your back-up power installation. Combine this with our UPS offering and we are able to offer a full turnkey installation for all of your back-up power needs.

We have decades of experience in this field and have managed to overcome a wide range of obstacles and difficult installations through the UK.

YorPower Projects can supply us with Cummins, CAT, FG Wilson and many more. They even assemble their own sets at our head office location in Yorkshire.

Whatever you require we have a cost effective and pain free solution for you with our Generator maintenance, repairs and servicing.

Get in touch for all generator related enquires today.

0345 200 9888

[email protected]

Man carrying out generator maintenance and servicing
Other Services Available

As an independent and specialist British diesel generator manufacturer and supplier, YorPower offers a wide range of generators and associated equipment. Our expertise extends to both diesel and gas-powered generators, which we distribute not only in the UK but also to developing economies worldwide.

24/7 Callout

As a leading generator service and maintenance in the UK, we are fully aware of the importance of keeping your generators and power solutions in prime condition and how they impact mission critical systems your business may have. We offer a 24/7 call out option with all of our generator servicing packages in case of any emergencies. With multiple engineers strategically placed throughout the UK, we can get our engineers to repair your generator quickly to prevent loss of power to your company.

Service packages

Standard Generator Service (Minor)

Complete generator & AMF inspection by qualified Engineer.
Generator system function test and critical systems test.
Fuel pipe & Electrical connections checked including; Battery, Control Panel & Auto Start Function.
Run Generator to confirm it is fully operational.
Check and top up coolant.
Air filter inspection and change.
Fuel filiter inspection.


Major Generator Service

As Standard Service above, with the additions of:

Oil filters changed with OEM brand.
Oil changed if filiers changed dependednt on hours run.
Fuel Filters changed using Perkins, Cummins brands.
Coolant filter changed (if required).
Air filters checked & cleaned.
Oil and coolant levels topped up & Oil Sample taken for analysis.


Additional Generator services you can request

Complete Oil Change (drain old, replace with new).
Generator load bank testing to ensure engine functions correctly.
Full Black start AMF test.
UPS servicing and repair.
Fire Pump servicing and repair.

Other Products and Services

At YorPower we recommend that your back-up generators are tested on load either through a load bank or against the building load.

Data centres and health-care facilities have some of the best and most thorough procedures for testing their emergency on-site power systems.  For obvious reasons, these operations must have 100% confidence in their critical systems, and they invest heavily to insure that these systems will operate as expected, when needed.  Large facilities are often regulated and mandated to have sophisticated test procedures in place.

Testing for large facilities can involve basic testing, which is generally held on a weekly basis, plus much more rigorous testing held quarterly, semi-annually or annually.  Mission-critical facilities usually hold extended tests that require the emergency generators to run for as long as 4 hours under varying loads. 

Smaller operators, on the other hand, often develop their own test methods and testing schedules.  While monthly testing to the depths seen at health-care facilities is not required, smaller facilities should still develop a proper test schedule for their equipment. 

Running a generator under load is the only true way to test its capability to operate as specified. There are many engine and generator components that must see real operating conditions to provide confirmation of their ready-state. Consider these questions:

  • Will the automatic transfer switch transfer the load within the required time limits?

  • Is it properly sensing the generator’s voltage and frequency?

  • Will the transfer switch properly re-transfer to the normal source when the exercise function is terminated?

  • Engine cooling systems are rated to perform at a certain ambient temperature while under a certain load level. Is the cooling radiator system fouled?

  • Will the water pump circulate the coolant mixture at the specified rate?

  • Fuel systems can only be truly tested when the engines are running near full load. Fuel flow rates at no-load are only a fraction of the demand that will exist when the engine operates at 80% load. Will the fuel flow be sufficient?

  • Are the filters clogged and possibly restricting the flow of fuel at the higher demand rates?

  • Is the alternator overheating when under load?

  • Is the generator operating at a steady speed, or is it fluctuating outside of the specified governed speed as loads change?

Diesel engines should not operate for extended periods of time at load levels below 60% of their rated output capacity.  Light loading of diesel engines usually leads to wet stacking.  Excessive carbon build-up on injector and valves, and oily drips on the exhaust piping, are all common indicators of issues related to improper combustion due to insufficient loads.

Replacement Generators

As well as generator servicing, maintenance and repairs, YorPower manufactures and holds stock of all major generator brands such as Perkins, Cummins, CAT & FG Wilson.

If required, we can advise, supply and install a diesel generator to match your requirements.

Get in touch about Generator Maintenance, Servicing or Repairs!

Please fill out the form below to give our team as much information about your enquiry as possible. We’ll be in touch as soon as possible!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does generator maintenance cost?

A: The cost for generator maintenance completely depends on the make, model and size of the generator. Costs are affected by the type and numbers of filters used, YorPower always look to use original equipment manufacturers (OEM) parts, and time taken to fully service the generator. We offer both one off services as well as ongoing maintenance plans so prices do vary. Other factors such as location and if Load Banking is required can also affect pricing.

How long does a service take?

A: Again, the length of our service completely depends on the size. Our green service contract includes 56 checks: 26 checks on the engine, 24 checks on the battery and 6 checks on the fuel system. We also inspect the environment the generator is in. This can range between 2 and 6 hours on site.

Which brands or size generators do you service?

A: YorPower Maintenance are vastly experienced in wide range of makes and models of diesel generators. This can range from single domestic generators to multi-site contracts that have multiple generators on each site. Generators that are set as back-up, synched, G99 compliant or being used as the prime source of power can be servicing and repaired by our engineering teams.

Which locations in the UK can you travel to service?

A: We have strategically placed engineers throughout the UK. All major cities are covered from London to Edinburgh and beyond. We have even sent engineers to work abroad but they are all UK based.

How often should I get my generator serviced?

A: We recommend you should have a full generator service every 6 months or 400 hours running time (whichever comes first). For a back-up generator a minor service and a major service is the norm. During the major service this is where filters are changed. A regular check up from a dedicated generator engineer is essential, weekly and monthly checks on site are also important and we can support you with these checklists. When generators are running ‘prime’, typically 8hrs a day as the main power source we would recommend major servicing on a monthly basis.

Does a generator need to be serviced?

A: Yes, like any engine, your generator will need to be serviced to make sure when needed, it performs how it’s expected to. It’s just like you’d service your car after a certain amount of time/mileage. Not only do you need professional service schedule for your generator but you should also be making regular checks yourself, again, much like you would do with your own car. YorPower can help you with a checklist for the on-site regular checks that should be made.