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UPS & Generators for Retail & Hospitality

Time is money in the retail & hospitality sector and many high profile business to consumer companies trust PPSPower to keep their businesses moving when the power goes out.

We work with retail & hospitality in busy high streets as well as their distribution and head office locations. These contracts are often multi-site and require a different approach to planning and coordination.
Our expertise lies in every solution with regards to back up power and we have carried out the following within this market:

  • Diesel Generator Maintenance
  • Diesel Generator Repair
  • Diesel Generator Installation & Commission
  • Diesel Generator 24/7 Call Out
  • UPS Maintenance
  • UPS Repair
  • UPS Installation & Commission
  • 24/7 UPS call Out

Scroll down for some basic case studies.​

What our clients say...

The London Eye is one of the capital cities most iconic landmarks, we’d certainly all hear about it if it stopped turning with passengers on board. That is why they trust YorPower to maintain the backup power systems to this site and they have trusted us to do so for many years now without any hiccups

Planned Preventative Maintenance

24/7 Call Out

The London Eye
London Eye

This contract runs over 17 accommodation sites across the UK. The back-up generators support the internal lifts and on some sites they are large enough to keep lights and power on in all of the rooms.

Unite require very specific reporting that is completed through their own online IT systems. Timescales for attending site and producing reports are strict but easily met by the team at YorPower.

• Planned Preventative Maintenance

• 24/7 Call out

Unite Students
Unite logo

YorPower support many prestigious hotels and hotel chains across the UK with both Generator and UPS maintenance and repair.

Some of the larger more prestigious sites in London can prove to be very challenging when major works are required. At The Langham Hotel a new generator installation involved some street closures to gain access for a 1,000 tonne crane to lift the set and associated components onto the hotel roof.

Access to the plant room was quite challenging and the generator had to be stripped down and then rebuilt once in place. Fuel and power lines were installed ready for testing and final commissioning.

• Planned Preventative Maintenance

• 24/7 Call Out

• Generator Installation & Commissioning


The Langham Hotel
Langham logo
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