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UPS & Generators for Healthcare

YorPower work directly with the NHS and through private healthcare providers throughout the UK. These sites range from critical hospital locations to clinical testing facilities. In all cases the demand is high and response times wherever the site may be can be critical.

There are many factors we consider when working within the healthcare sector, price is always important but not as much as response times. Many hospitals expect a 2hr response in emergency situations and once we have diagnosed the fault the time it takes to rectify the problem is also critical. We have contracts where standby hire sets need to be readily available if required and are often on site with the engineer just in case they are required.
Our expertise lies in every solution with regards to back up power and we have carried out the following within this market:

  • Diesel Generator Maintenance
  • Diesel Generator Repair
  • Diesel Generator Installation & Commission
  • UPS Maintenance
  • UPS Repair
  • UPS Installation & Commission
What our clients say...

At Nevill Hall we offer a fully comprehensive contract so that there are no nasty surprises for the client.

Fully comprehensive maintenance on backup generators

Nevill Hall Hospital
NHS Logo

YorPower maintain the UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies) and Diesel Generators on these sites. We are relied upon to maintain the Data Centres, critical wards and telecoms & security set up (PABX).

In addition to routine maintenance we have replaced UPS units and carried out complete installations. We offer 24/7 365 emergency UPS call out to this site and many others across the UK.

• UPS Maintenance & Repair

• Generator Maintenance & Repair

• 24/7 Call Out

Pinderfields & Dewsbury Hospital
NHS Logo

The backup generator on site had become very old and obsolete, it was believed that the 800KvA generator had originally come out of an old U-boat after WWII! It was time to upgrade the generator and Newcastle University wanted us to install a replacement 800KvA generator in a new location on the other side of the Hospital grounds.

Provided 500 kVA hire set during works.

Removed old generator set and control panels and scrapped.

Relocated replacement generator and associated control panels.

Installed and commissioned set including an initial major service.


Newcastle University Hospital
Newcastle University logo

The Yorkshire Air Ambulance based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire trust YorPower to ensure they are never cut off during a power cut.

We carry out proper preventative maintenance on their Generator and, just as they are, we are available 24/7 for emergency call outs.

•Generator maintenance

• Generator repair

• 24/7 call out

Yorkshire Air Ambulance
Yorkshire air ambulance logo
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For any UPS or Generator related enquries, whether its servicing & maintenance or supply & installation, let us know.

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