100kVA Riello Master MPS

100kVA Riello Master MPS
Riello UPS UPS
Prime Power: 100 kVA


The Master MPS series UPS provides maximum protection and power quality for mission critical loads, including data centers, industrial processes, telecommunications, security and electromedical systems. Master MPS is an ON LINE double conversion UPS classified as VFI-SS-111 (as set out by the IEC EN 62040-3 standard) with a transformer-based isolated inverter.
The Master MPS range includes threephase input and single-phase output versions from 10 to 100 kVA and threephase input and output versions from 10 to 200 kVA. All versions are provided with a 6-pulse thyristor-based rectifier, with or without optional harmonic filters. A 12-pulse thyristor-based rectifier is available on request for the 60 and 80 kVA three-phase output versions with or without optional harmonic filters.

Full details

Master MPS makes supplying the UPS from generator sets and MT/BT transformers simpler and more efficient, reducing power loss in the system and coils, correcting the power factor and eliminating current harmonics created by the loads supplied by the UPS. In addition to this, the progressive rectifier start up (power walk-in) and the option to reduce battery charging currents, allow for a reduction in the input current uptake. This means less demand on the source, which is particularly useful when the source is a generator set.

Model Riello UPS UPS
Power 100 kVA
Noise 65 dB
Dimensions (L/W/H) 800 x 800 x 1900
Hertz 50 / 60 HZ