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Extending Your Generator’s Lifespan

26th April 2024

When buying a diesel generator, you are making a significant investment into a new power supply. With this in mind, it’s understandable that you will want to get the best return on investment from your purchase and increased the time and usage you receive from your new generator.

As long standing experts in diesel generator maintenance, YorPower has developed a wealth of industry knowledge through our years of operation and we’re here to share this with our followers:

Choose your fuel carefully

Do your research before choosing the type of fuel that you are going to purchase for your generator. There is a big decision for you to make – either choosing a lower grade diesel, which while cheaper will lack quality, or spending more on a high quality diesel that will prolong the lifespan of your unit.

Thanks to our strategically placed network of UK engineers, at YorPower we will happily conduct fuel sampling services at your site, wherever it is located. This enables us will allow us to report on the quality of the fuel that you are using on-site and make any recommendations to improve your generator(s) lifespan.

Change your filters regularly

Not all methods to extend your diesel generators lifespan need to be expensive. One simple trick, that will cost only a small amount of time across the year, is to inspect your fuel filters.

To operate efficiently, the generator’s combustion engine’s carburettor requires access to high levels of oxygen. Any blockages in the air filter, caused by dirt and debris, can diminish the generators output, but also importantly can lead to faults on the unit that will knock years off its lifespan.

Arrange annual load bank testing

A great way to ensure that your diesel generator is functioning at its optimum level over a longer period of time, is to conduct a yearly load bank test. By doing this, you can check whether your generator is able to continuously and reliably deliver the correct energy required for maximum load.

At YorPower, we can quickly and conveniently arrange a visit from our testing engineers, who will carry out a survey of your unit, and deliver insightful results that can result in cost and time savings.

Talk to YorPower about your generator needs today.

At YorPower we have over 60 years’ experience in generator servicing, generators maintenance and repairs in the UK. We have engineers and support staff strategically placed throughout the UK to ensure we’ve got all regions covered and no enquiry is too far.

We take great pride in customer care and this focused approach forms the backbone of our company philosophy.

Our extensive and comprehensive fleet of Load Banks and Generators are also available for hire and long term lease wherever your requirement may be.

If you’re having issues with generator performance, get in touch today and we’ll arrange visit and work with you to find a solution at the most competitive price. Visit our generator servicing page for more information.