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YorPower Supplies Diesel Generators to the Asian market

5th November 2021

Over the past week, YorPower have been finalising and testing 10 x Perkins Generators, ready to send out to our client in Southern Asia.

The order came from a partnership we have developed with an indigenous local company and traded with historically for a number of years; but only recently in a more substantial capacity. Our dealer for the region and their decision to partner with us to provide the technical support needed to secure a prestigious Water Treatment project paid dividends. A Government backed project which took three years to design and develop required a range of different generators to help backup and support the site in case of mains supply failure.

Jordan Kincaid, International Development Manager for Yorpower said, “We’ve been working alongside our Dealer for the 18 months on this scheme and are delighted to help them secure such a great project. It bodes well for the future and our brand in the Asian market.”

In charge of all Export sales and projects outside of the UK, Jordan went on to say, “Even with delays & restrictions due to COVID, we were delighted to dispatch such a big order to our partners in Southern Asia. The order involved multiple stages of supplier vetting, the generator specification, requirements and facility for testing as well as experience in exporting and shipping of goods to the region. It was more complex than usual due to global logistics delays on generator components and parts, but we found solutions to deliver.”

Over the last week, we tested each of the gensets, which included 4 hour load tests to assimilate various electrical loads applied and removed, alarm functionality, shutdown procedures, fuel consumption at different applied loads, noise levels and many other specified items to check. Testing guarantees the units will perform to the specified levels and maximum performance for the diesel generators when required at site. Once tested, we loaded 3 full containers and a flat rack, all to be shipped out over 5,000 miles across the world. Included in the containers were:

Once they land at their destination, our team will be on hand to deliver and install the gensets at the site.

Keep on eye out on our news page for more updates on our latest projects.