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YorPower Supply Cummins Backup Power Supply to Farm 

11th February 2019

YorPower recently dispatched a 170kVA Cummins canopied generator to a farm in Stockton-On-Tees. The genset will supply reliable standby power, allowing the farm to continue as usual in the case of a mains power interruption, the chances of which are increased in rural off-grid areas. YorPower’s bespoke-design generator will provide enough power to cover the feed and water systems, heating, ventilation and more.

Frequently at the end of long spur cables, farmers cannot rely on mains power for everything they do. They cannot afford to be without power for animal and poultry sheds, milking parlours or lambing sheds. Even intensive market gardens need constant power for light, heat, ventilation and watering systems. Add that to the seasonal requirement for heavy demand equipment such as grain dryers and food processing plants and, again, you’ll find YorPower diesel generators ready to keep the farms in production.