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Uninterruptible power supply by yorpower


UPS backup batteries are the heart of an uninterruptible power supply. The UPS battery provides any UPS system set up with the power to support your infrastructure in the event of a mains power cut. A poorly maintained UPS battery or a legacy UPS system that does not function as efficiently as it should, could affect the autonomy of your UPS and the full uninterruptible power supply network, resulting in significant disruption in the event of a mains outage. YorPower offer UPS backup for single phase and three phase applications, both of which can operate in synch with an existing site generator or a new diesel generator of our supply. Our UPS battery systems can be matched to your exact needs depending on your investment preferences, the length of battery autonomy in the event of a loss of supply and your preferred design.


UPS systems need to be regularly tested to ensure they operate as designed so that in the event of a power cut there is complete confidence in the infrastructure. Load bank testing provides vital information on a battery’s life (autonomy) when the test is complete as well as the integrity of all electrical wiring and interconnections. The UPS Load Bank test is carried out when the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is having to cope with real ‘site load’ conditions to establish whether the batteries are functioning at optimal level or in fact whether the batteries are nearing the end of their working life. The full UPS system receives a thorough work out from, application of load, running whilst on load, sudden removal of load to mains restored.

UPS testing involves placing a resistive load bank no more than 20 meters from the UPS or PDU terminals. A resistive load bank will simulate genuine every day loads which are common place in the working environment, which include; lighting and heating.

On completion of the load bank test, a full system performance diagnostic is recorded and measured during discharge. The test is vital for highlighting potential problems with UPS system or backup generators which may prompt a specific cause of action to prevent a possible weakness or failure in the system


UPS Impedance testing is a way of checking the internal resistance to establish which are the weakest cells or possibly abnormal cells. A specified electrical current is passed through each battery in a specific order to decode the internal impedance resistance of each battery.

As a battery gets older its level of impedance increases, conversely, a lower internal resistance generally indicates a higher capacity. Any increase in impedance that cannot easily be explained could indicate the battery capacity is declining and could possibly require replacing.

For more information on installations, design or UPS maintenance please feel free to contact our sister company, PPSPower.