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Alternators from YorPower

The suite of alternators manufactured by Cummins Generator Technologies fall into three distinct catagories and are branded accordingly:

Markon (size range from 2 – 9.3kVA) is aimed at the small business user for light industrial purposes as well as domestic applications

Stamford (five category sizes, P0/P1 Range 7.5 – 42.5 kVA, UC Range 40 – 250 kVA, HCRange 250 – 1400 kVA, P7 Range 1260 – 2750 kVA, P80 Range 2000 – 5370 kVA) covers a broad spectrum and caters for most genset applications that use synchronus a.c. alternators including, 2,4 and 6 pole options at low, medium and high voltages.

AvK (range in size from 600kVA to 20MVA) covers five specialist sectors; Wind Turbine, Oil and Gas, Cogeneration/ CHP, Marine/Tidal and Power Plant each demanding the very highest level of performance.

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AvK generators meet the critical needs of various applications – be it in extraction of oil, gas, coal or minerals on land or at sea, continuous power supply, parallel operation in power plants, industrial plants, hospitals and high-rise buildings; mobile applications such as railway vehicles, cranes, marine or wind power demanding the highest level of electrical performance.

AvK generators are suitable to be driven by diesel and gas engines as well as wind, gas and steam turbines.

Yorpower frequently specify and recommend the range of alternators produced by Cummins Generator Technologies and have supplied countless bespoke gensets using Stamford alternators in data centre and telecoms projects.

We hold stock of Stamford AVR’s and Rectifier Service Kits for the Stamford range of alternators



Email [email protected] with all your requirements, including brands, product codes, serial number and any ID in the email.

1. Email
Email [email protected] with all your requirements.

2. Information
If known, include brands, product codes, serial number and any ID in the email.

3. Quote
We will send over a quotation and await your approval.

4. Prepare
We receive your purchase order and prepare your assignment.

5. Distribute
Once payment terms are agreed, we’ll distribute your spare parts to the required location.

Some of our stock of alternators for generators (but not limited to): 

  • T415996 ALTERNATOR
  • 3698351 ALTERNATOR
  • T414270 ALTERNATOR
  • 0191-2532 ALTERNATOR
  • 10000-50547 ALTERNATOR
  • 10000-61332 ALTERNATOR
  • 0191-2459 ALTERNATOR
  • 750-15330 ALTERNATOR
  • C6008611350 ALTERNATOR