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Used Generators from YorPower

Buying a used generator can save you a significant amount of capital. However, conversely, buying a used generator could cost you severely if it failed. The rule of thumb is, know what you want, do not compromise, do the research and only buy from a trusted source. Online auction sites may display a used generator in a complementary way; however, the reality on closer inspection can be alarmingly different. 


More often than not, large generators installed for backup power in the UK are rarely ever called into action and so typically have very low hours and are in good condition. At YorPower, we only acquire our used generator sets where a full-service history is available and low running hours can be verified. Used and reconditioned generators by YorPower carry a full Load Test Certificate and 1-month warranty (terms and conditions apply). High standards of workmanship and engineering are essential to guarantee any used generator has been fully inspected and tested prior to use.

If you have not bought a used generator before, we suggest you buy a new generator.

Used generators supplied by YorPower include canopied generators manufactured by Cummins, FG Wilson, CAT and SDMO and undergo a series of tests to ensure they are fit for purpose. 

For more information about our used generators for sale, contact us today or enquire below.



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Used  generators by YorPower are normally acquired by our service business when clients are looking to upgrade there is existing power supply. We do not carry a vast stock of used generators; however, they are of good provenance and come with a service history. Our used generators tend to be one of the following brands; FG Wilson, Perkins, Cummins, CAT and SDMO as well as our own built sets. We also offer generator installation after the purchase of a used generator. 

All of our used generators will undergo a 4-point test prior to sale which includes a full load test. If the genset fails any of the four strategic tests we conduct, we will only sell to the trade with a written report. Buying a used  generator from YorPower, depending on the nature of the application could be one of the best investments you make.

If you’re interested in acquiring a used Perkins generator, used FG Wilson generator, used Cummins generator, used CAT generator or a used YorPower generator, enquire below and request our competitive prices

Used MTU generator available - 1500KVA Diesel Generator (J0812)

We have a great offer on this used MTU diesel generator. As always, this 1500KVA used generator from YorPower has verified low number of running hours and comes with a bespoke container and built in fuel tank. Please do get in touch for more information.

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Used FG Wilson generator available - 1000KVA Diesel Generator (P1000)

We have a great offer on this used FG Wilson generator. This 1000KVA used generator from YorPower has only 146 running hours and comes with a Perkins engine and a brushless alternator. Please do get in touch for more information.

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