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Coastal Seafood Plant

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Cummins 1,000kVA generator

Back-up power for critical systems in a frozen food processing plant

Primary choice factors
The customer required very fast response from their initial enquiry to delivery and installation coupled with commercially challenging payment arrangements

This Cummins® Power Generation commercial generator set is a fully integrated power generation system, providing optimum performance, reliability, and versatility for stationary standby and prime power duty applications.

The Coastal Seafoods processing plant in Karachi, Pakistan, was a pioneering development when it first opened in 1963. At the time it was one of only two plants capable of processing and freezing the vast amounts of sea food that the country’s fishing industry were producing. Over the intervening years Coastal Seafoods has established a broad customer base in China, Dubai, Egypt and Europe. Growing demand for frozen seafood, coupled with the company’s export quality and timely deliveries has enabled them to export over 200 containers annually and has the capacity to freeze 40 metric tons of seafood a day.

With such a throughput it was essential that the plant had totally reliable back-up power in place to keep the critical systems running even in the event of a total grid failure. In recommending a Cummins generator the team at YorPower also took into consideration the harsh environment in which the generator would be operating, based, as it is, adjacent to the extensive fish harbour at West Wharf, Karachi.

Witness Test
The purchase process included a test at YorPower’s pre-delivery inspection warehouse in the UK witnessed by a representative of Coastal Seafoods.

YorPower were not only able to supply the required generator in the very tight timeframe specified but also had the financial and commercial flexibility to accept the company’s challenging payment arrangements.

YorPower is an independent specialist manufacturer and distributor of generators and associated equipment to the UK and developing economies around the world. YorPower is known to be a trusted, reliable and flexible business which is why Coastal Seafood chose YorPower to supply the Cummins generator.

As approved Cummins Dealers and with a proven track record in the field, YorPower were able to demonstrate not only that their generators are reliable but also that they could be delivered on time and on budget. The Cummins C1100 generator has been supplied, witness tested, loaded. Exported and then installed at the Coastal Seafoods main factory location. The owners of the factory are exceedingly happy with the service and support YorPower have provided and are also really impressed with the performance of the Cummins unit which has not missed a beat since being installed.