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Karbala Water Treatment Plant

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Perkins powered
8x 2,000kVA containerised generators 6x 1250kVA generators
2x 1000kVA generators

To supply power to water treatment plant to cover sewage system in Karbala.

Primary Choice Factor
Existing experience and proven track record in harsh environment where reliabilty is key.

Water supply in many Middle Eastern countries is of vital importance, not just for drinking but also to support the agricultural industry. This is even more important in Iraq where years of conflict and destruction of basic infrastructure have left the country without reliable water supplies.

YorPower was selected to supply and install eight 2,000kVA containerised generators, six 1250kVA generator sets and two 1000kVA generators. All were powered by Perkins engines and delivered to a water treatment plant in Karbala, Iraq. Due to the complexity of the project, YorPower engineers undertook surveys at Karbala, on the banks of the Euphrates River, to ensure the design of the product was suitable for the application. A four stage project resulted in YorPower supplying a total of sixteen generators in all.

YorPower spent a number of months to understand the needs of the client, including travelling to the location to do a full site survey. Although the project was a supply only contract, YorPower went that one step further to ensure the entire project went smoothly and ultimately the correct product was selected for the job. On completion YorPower’s client said it was great to work with such a professional and through business who look at each stage of a project and advise on the best ways to make things work.

It really felt like we were working with a professional consultancy business rather than a genset manufacturer. great product, great service and great people to work with. The gensets have now been fully installed and commissioned on site and are providing the emergency backup power for the entire site should there be a power outage.

The strength and experience in the business enables it to offer full ‘turnkey’ solutions to clients worldwide. From detailed site inspection, through system design, manufacturing, delivery, installation and commissioning, YorPower is the true ‘One Stop Shop’ for power solutions.

If you want to talk to us about becoming a dealer or have a project in mind we would be delighted to hear from you.