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Port Sudan

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Four Perkins powered generators

Back-up power for critical systems

Primary choice factors
Fast delivery and excellent local backup and track record

Port Sudan, located on the Red Sea, is the Republic of Sudan’s main port city and is now linked to Khartoum by rail and a new highway. Situated on the Red Sea, opposite Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, the port has a petroleum refinery, an international airport and modern docking facilities that handle the bulk of the country’s external trade. An oil pipeline, about 528 miles (850 km) in length, between the port and Khartoum was completed in 1977. Port Sudan has an arid and near desert like climate, necessitating the acquisition of fresh water from Wadi Arbaʿāt in the Red Sea Hills and from desalination plants. This harsh environment was one of the main reasons why the very busy Customs Authority approached YorPower when they needed a new backup generators.

A range of acoustically enclosed gensets were deployed with applications calling for 80-200kVA. All were controlled by DSE7420 controllers and built by YorPower using Perkins engines coupled to Leroy Somer alternators.

With a proven track record in the region and expertise in supplying generators to run in harsh climates the company was the obvious choice.