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Barbados- Bound YorPower Perkins Powered Generator

22nd July 2019

YorPower recently dispatched a 150kVA Perkins Diesel Generator to a distributor of YorPower diesel generators in sunny Barbados, a stone’s throw from Maxwell beach. Currently the leading provider of generators in Barbados and the Caribbean, this company’s values align perfectly with those of YorPower in striving to “provide innovative, power and automation solutions, with unsurpassed customer service.” In terms of the products and services that this successful company offer, these include power generation, building management, design and consulting, complete service and maintenance, 24 on call response, fuel tanks and fuel transfer systems, exhaust systems, leak detection system, load bank testing.

As YorPower continue to expand into new territories, we are constantly keeping a look out for buyers who have the potential to become distributors. Being in such a touristic area, located next to numerous up-market resorts, there is significant and consistent demand for reliable back up power. Diesel generators are a must in order to cater to the high demand for electricity in the hospitality industry, the backbone of this economy. Furthermore, the Caribbean is known for precarious weather, having suffered numerous destructive storms and devastating hurricanes over the centuries. It is no coincidence that we have more orders to follow from this partner in the next couple of weeks as it is officially HURRICANE SEASON!

Diesel generators are essential in this region of the world due to the unpredictability of the environment caused by hurricanes. The Caribbean islands faced two of the worst hurricanes the century has seen in 2017 with Irma and Maria, affecting 12 of 32 Caribbean countries. The devastation to the power grids was momentous. Diesel is a primary choice in this region of the world due to its efficiency, price and ease of transport. Although some Caribbean islands are opting for renewable energy and experimenting with different micro grids, the role of fossil fuels is still dominant and much more economical. Power grids in this region are constantly under threat to due to their geographical positioning, regardless of the resources used to power them.

Diesel generators provide a sense of security in such regions to both business and homes. The winds, flooding and lightening which are part and parcel of hurricanes, can cause mass power failures with lasting negative consequences. The subsequent loss of electricity after hurricanes is both expensive and dangerous. Recent statistics indicate that the number of hurricanes is on the rise, bad news for business. If we bear in mind the daily monetary amount that a business is reliant upon electricity (phone line, desktops), combined with assets damaged in an outage (stock, machinery, overseas clients), additional costs to reboot systems, the total revenue lost from just one day of power outage could redefine a company’s future.

Hurricane prone areas around central America should see generator backup systems as an indispensable investment. The cost of investing in a back-up system is relatively low in comparison to the losses caused by a prolonged power outage as a result of a hurricane. Domestic use of backup generators is just as important for peace of mind in family homes with such a precarious energy grid. Regardless of the application, YorPower hold stock that can be shipped out quickly – this particular order to Barbados was delivered within 3 weeks.

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