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Northumberland Cheese Company Chooses YorPower

19th September 2019

YorPower recently dispatched a 60kVA Cummins Diesel Generator to the Northumberland Cheese Company. The diesel generator was sent out with a Stamford brush-less alternator, a deep sea control panel, a battery charger, an engine water heater, a cable termination box and an external bulk fuel tank. YorPower will also be providing after-sales services in carrying out the testing and commissioning of the installed diesel generator. The renowned cheese factory produces 11 different types of cheese by hand, using locally sourced cow’s, sheep’s and goat’s milk just two miles from the estate where the destination address of this Cummins Diesel Generator. 

The company’s journey began in 1984 when the owner started to produce a cheese called Redesdale (produced from ewe’s milk from the Rede Valley). The business then migrated to Northumberland in 1996, allowing it to expand into the craft of making a multitude of artisan cheeses with more modern practices. The business is not merely a production line however, it also comprises a cheese shop and cafe located on site, above the working dairy. This authentic experience attracts tourists with Dairy Days which include cheese tasting, factory tours and cheese-making days. The business runs seven days a week, continuous labour and running of machinery over a 7-day week emphasises the critical need for a constant and reliable power source in order to keep both the factory production and the guest experience running smoothly. The acclaimed cheese making company has won a number of awards over the years including the prestigious super gold award at the World Cheese Awards for their hard-pressed goats cheese. YorPower is here to uphold our client’s outstanding reputation, we provide the energy so the public can enjoy the cheese!

So how exactly is cheese made and why is a generator needed ?

The cow’s, goat’s or sheep’s milk is retrieved, it is then tested. The milk is then pasteurised and treated with a clotting enzyme to form curds. The curds and whey are then cooked and stirred in vats. The curds are then pressed into blocks for the hard cheeses, whereas the soft cheeses are stretched e.g. provolone. The final cheeses are then packaged. Each part of the process requires significant electrical power and a lack of it could lead to spoiling and having to start the process from scratch. Losses like these could cause a big economic impact on a business like this dependent on getting it right first and every time.

A range of electrical machinery is used in the cheese making process, requiring reliable backup power from the generator to prevent spoiling and wastage. The cheese making vats, hardening and brining vats – configured on either one or multiple levels and different shapes, to match production rate and plant layout – require a substantial amount of power, part of the final, critical processes in the production of high quality semi-hard cheeses. Additionally, the moulding and pressing machines, hot water drainers and packaging machines required subsequently in the cheese-making process, all demand power on tap. A power shortage would prove disastrous – these machines work constantly for long hours, determining the taste, shape and consistency of each cheese.

Why choose Cummins?

We became an authorised dealer for Cummins Generators and CPG equipment over 5 years ago, giving us the capability to deliver large-scale projects with full support from the Cummins Group. YorPower remain one of the front runner’s in the distribution of the Cummins Generator brand throughout the UK and abroad. This allows for large stock holdings, ready for shipment when our customers need it. Access to the Cummins brand also means we can offer genuine Cummins Spares, engine parts and genset spare parts in the UK and worldwide. We carry everything you need for servicing, maintenance and aftercare. In choosing YorPower, you will benefit from next day supply for your spares worldwide thanks to our global network of dealers, ensuring you receive your goods promptly. Additionally, we carry stocks of large engine components and marine engines for larger-scale projects.

Cummins power generation is one of the most trusted commercial power systems and one of the leading providers of power systems in Europe. If you need a cost-effective back-up or primary power solution, contact us now.