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Perkins Standby Power to Specialist Acoustic & Thermal Insulation Company

18th February 2019

YorPower will be sending out a 250kVA Perkins canopied generator at the beginning of next week. The Perkins powered genset will be used as standby power in case of power outage or overload. The client company specialises in the manufacture of specialist acoustic and thermal insulation products, primarily geared towards the automotive and industrial sector.

This company has a profound understanding of engine efficiency, working often with engines and exhausts to manage the sound produced and related processes. They have an in-house technical team with vast knowledge of materials which they apply to create engineering textile products that perform in the most demanding environments. It is therefore no surprise that the client chose to opt for a Perkins powered genset, known for their efficiency – simple and robust, easy to maintain. And since our trusted clients really don’t like noise, they have opted for an enclosed genset. Made here at YorPower, one of the most competitive design qualities of our gensets is the noise cancelling insulation.

Possessing company values that match our own, prioritising standards of service and reliability, they expect nothing but the best in terms of quality and customer care. YorPower, as always, ensured a minimal lead time and excellent service to exceed the client’s requirements.