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River Foss Flood Barrier – Latest news

23rd July 2018

The specially commissioned and manufactured tank will hold 63,000litres of fuel for four 1.2MW Cummins generators – also designed, built and supplied by YorPower. In the event of a mains failure the standby generators are required to provide emergency power to the new pumps at the Barrier which are capable of moving 48 cubic metres of water every second. The generators are capable of operating independently or synchronised together to deliver up to 5.0MW of power

The new fuel tank weighs 14 tonnes, without fuel, and is 40’ long. Manoeuvring it into its permanent location, over 11mt above the normal level of the River Ouse, required an 80 tonne crane and specially designed steel plates to spread the load.

The first of the four generator sets will be delivered over the weekend of 28th/29th July as part of the ongoing Foss Barrier Relief Project.

For more information please contact Ian Thompson at YorPower on 01977 688 155.