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The Benefits of Generator Maintenance

26th April 2024

Maintaining your generator is essential for any business that relies on a constant power supply.

At YorPower, we employ experts that specialise in generator repair, servicing and maintenance to ensure systems run safely and efficiently, saving costs and providing facilities managers with peace of mind.

Why invest in generator maintenance? Four major benefits:

1. Reliability

As the saying goes, prevention is almost always better than cure. Completing some simple health checks can help maintain a generator to keep it running smoothly, meaning it is less likely to cut out and require repairs, keeping your business operating.

2. Fuel efficiency

A poorly maintained or neglected generator can be susceptible to fuel issues such as algae in the system, clogged fuel injectors and dead batteries. If left for too long, these fuel problems can damage a generator and stop it functioning altogether. A maintenance package will keep a generator’s fuel running through the system efficiently to eliminate any issues.

3. Cost savings

Maintaining your generator will help keep it running for longer while using less fuel. While avoiding maintenance can seem like a cheaper option, in the long term it’s definitely not the best solution, as the cost of repairing and replacing a unit far outweigh the cost of a service package.

4. Extend the unit’s lifespan

By regularly maintaining your generator you will increase the lifespan of the unit, helping it to run more smoothly and reducing faults and outages. This will save on the expense of replacing the unit more than needs be.

Contact YorPower to discuss your maintenance needs

YorPower offers first-class professional generator servicing and UPS services, with over 60 years’ combined experience and a 24/7 call out facility from engineers based throughout the UK. All service packages come with a dedicated account manager to ensure requirements are understood and dealt with effectively, and a bi-annual generator service visit with relevant system checks.