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YorPower Backup Power Supply for Yorkshire based Glass Manufacturer

22nd July 2019

YorPower recently dispatched a 650kVA generator to serve as a backup power supply to a Yorkshire based glass manufacturer and merchant. The generator was sent more specifically to the freehold factory located in Doncaster, one of its two double glazing manufacturing facilities. The company continues to grow, accruing an exemplary reputation after 25 years in the business, they are true market leaders who need to ensure supply to the ever-growing demand, UK- wide.

The company specialise in double glazing, French, composite and patio doors as well as entire conservatories. The intricate nature of glass production and machinery, designed for absolute precision, require constant and reliable power. The Doncaster factory covers a massive expanse of 45,000 square metres, with more than 80 employees dedicated to the double-glazing facility. Machines are required to cut, wash and seal the glass which requires considerable amounts of energy. Should the process stop half way through, large sheets of glass as well as the composite components could end up ruined and void, eating into company profits.

No matter the product, YorPower’s robust acoustic generator sets are perfectly suited to the production industry. Reliable backup power is a necessary investment for manufacturing facilities and YorPower will guide you in the selection process, ensuring performance and affordability.

For a quote today, call 01977 688 155 or email [email protected]