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International Construction Company Chooses YorPower

19th July 2019

YorPower recently dispatched an Open, 45kVA Perkins Generator Set, along with 2 63Amp ATS panels which will later be commissioned by the YorPower engineering team. The client is a well-known and reputable, European construction company.

Currently market leader in the Netherlands, YorPower’s client is hugely successful in the construction industry and YorPower are more than pleased to partner on a regular basis with such a reputable organisation. Since starting out in the Netherlands in 1869, the company have expanded rapidly into construction, property, civil engineering, mechanical and electrical contracting and consultancy engineering sectors – all of which fit into YorPower’s market segments due to their need for external, backup power sources and YorPower’s wide project capability.

The construction industry frequently operates in situations where there is no mains power. Much of their equipment is self-powered, however there is still a need for site lighting, ground water drainage and power to site offices and staff welfare units. This is where generators come in – with run times of up to 24 hours, everything is able to run smoothly and disruptions can be kept to a minimum throughout the building process.

YorPower are able to meet all kinds of requirements, with a diverse range of experience across different industries. Construction is an industry that requires efficiency in order to stick to deadlines and complete projects as proficiently as possible. YorPower have a rich wealth of experience in the industry due to the close connection between the worlds of engineering and construction. The construction industry is, of course, going through notable changes at this time. Not to mention the fog created by Brexit as it continues to loom over Europe with no definitive answers regarding the future of trade. This said, much like we do, our client maintains a sunny attitude towards the future as construction “becomes more focused on users of buildings and on long-term sustainability.”

For more info/to make an enquiry:

Tel: (0)1977 688155
Email: [email protected]