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YorPower supplies two 60kVA generators for rapid deployment shelters

8th February 2023

Over the past month, YorPower was asked to provide a quotation and plan to supply and deliver two 60kVA units by our client, Weatherhaven Global Solutions (Weatherhaven).

Weatherhaven are experts at designing, planning and implementing shelter and camp solutions across the world. They provide military camps, mobile medical shelter systems, and commercial camps, varying from mining to construction setups. It’s always great to work with companies that offer a service that helps people in need.

This particular project required YorPower to deliver two 60kva Perkins diesel generators to an island in the Indian Ocean that will support the power of rapid deployment shelters that are manufactured and installed by Weatherhaven. These shelters can hold kitchens, dry goods, mobile hospitals and other relevant facilities. The generator sets were shipped in a container, alongside two battery chargers, six additional sockets and two road trailers for easy transportation once they arrive on the island.

You can see full data sheets for the 60kVA Perkins Generators here.

Similar to YorPower, Weatherhaven are keen on doing their bit to help the environment. All of their shelter designs are lightweight and compact, which helps reduce fuel consumption and transport time. These principles fall in line with our bid to become the first Carbon-Neutral company in our industry.

Our Group Sales Director, Jordan Kincaid said:

“This is a great project for YorPower to take part in. Knowing that these generators will travel the world providing power to the volunteers supporting third world countries and war-torn areas is extremely rewarding.”

We specialise in the supply, delivery and installation of diesel generators. For all enquiries, please email [email protected].