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YorPower supply backup Generator to Plant Nursery

14th February 2019

YorPower will be dispatching the wonderful gift of an open Perkins generator this Valentines Day for a plant nursery in Beverly. The 200kVA generator will be implemented as a standby power solution. Agriculture, animal or plant, is a sector dependent on access to backup power in order to successfully nurture the type of crops that this company produce – lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers in particular.

Over the years, this company have constantly updated their technologies, making sure their crop development methods were innovative, cost effective with as little negative environmental impact as possible. The main product of the company is now cucumbers however three crops are grown per year on rotation with planting times in November and January. The rich history of their development in particular of cucumbers explains their dedication today to innovation and drive to continue to provide the highest quality cucumbers to the British market. It is companies like this that form the backbone of the British food market, which of course will be all the more essential with Brexit just around the corner and will no doubt be subject to increased pressures following Friday 29th March.

The energy required in Horticulture is significant. As this company use hydroponics as opposed to outdoor natural growth – which allows them to produce faster and yield fuller crops – extra energy is required for the crops to prosper. With seven green house areas, spanning seven acres as well as the pack house where packaging processes such as shrink-wrapping take place – constant supply of electricity is essential to the success and superior product of the business.

So after having thrown in the sensitive topics of both Valentine’s Day AND Brexit, we will leave it at that. YorPower are proud to supply to British companies like this who continue to innovate and evolve, making high quality British produce whilst adapting to all environmental, political and economical circumstances, If you too are in the agricultural sector and are interested in generators that will, quite literally, grow your business, please contact our sales team.

E: [email protected]

T: (0)1977 688155