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YorPower Supply Generator & Services to Renowned Salad Production Company

19th July 2019

YorPower recently completed commissioning of a 200kVA generator, complete with external fuel tank with pipework.

The client, who had the generator set installed by the YorPower team in late December, are a growing European market leader in supplying salads, watercress and fresh herbs. Being such a globally recognised business, with an expansive customer base, the pressure to make supply meet the ever-growing demand is immense. With orders coming from all corners of the globe, staying on top of production means the need for consistent and dependable power is therefore just as great.

Since 2008, the company have progressed from a small enterprise based in Portugal to a lucrative EU market leader, forming part of the prestigious RAR group. The corporation currently sell under UK supermarket own brands (60 million packs of fresh herbs per year), as well as maintaining position of market leader in Portugal, the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium and Germany. With such rapid progression comes the need for relocation to bigger premises and the acquisition of more farms for production, and therefore bigger and more efficient power supplies.

At YorPower we offer full project capability, from initial ideas stage through to generator specification, logistics planning, on-site installation, commissioning and testing of electrical and mechanical equipment, (as well as warranty support, maintenance and aftercare). We provide a complete service to deliver a fully operational power generation installation system, be it large or small and powered by conventional diesel or more modern fuels that reduce our client’s carbon footprint.

Farms are the core of the client company, “where seed, environment and expertise come together to deliver the very best in produce, in the most sustainable way.” This prestigious company are sure to choose “the very best partners, aligned with their (our) values.” The generator will supply reliable standby power, allowing the farm to continue rapid production in the case of a mains power interruption, the chances of which are increased in rural off-grid areas. YorPower’s bespoke-design generator will provide enough power to cover the water systems, heating, ventilation and more.

Agriculture, animal or plant, is a sector dependent on access to backup power in order to successfully nurture the type of crops that this company produce and YorPower have bespoke solutions for any project, no matter the scale.

For more info/to make an enquiry:

Tel: (0)1977 688155
Email: [email protected]