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YorPower Supporting Construction Industry for 30 Years

22nd July 2019

YorPower recently sent out a 136 kVA Cummins generator to a well-known electrical contractor in Nottingham, one of our most regular and therefore valued customer profiles. We were able to complete same-day delivery and carried out the commissioning 5 days later.

YorPower provide primarily to electrical contractors as they are an ideal mediator who know precisely what our customers in the construction industry want. As a result, we have high and regular demand from both firms and individuals in this industry. This electrical contractor is involved in specialised construction work relating from design to installation, as well as the maintenance process of all types of electrical systems. In short, they play a pivotal role in getting the right power systems to the environments that require them, from YorPower.

Constructions sites require power that is continuously available for long periods of time, it only makes sense therefore to use an efficient, cost effective alternative like a Cummins diesel generator set to use as a main source of power for building. These efficient on-site power systems produce electric power as well as thermal energy for heat, steam or air conditioning whilst simultaneously reducing greenhouse gases. The list of advantages is extensive.

Cummins diesel gensets advantages:

1) Dependable backup power (power outages)

2) Cost cutter; When utility costs are particularly high, Cummins gensets are a cheaper energy supply alternative during peak demand periods.

3) Efficient; Cummins sets consume far less fuel per kW produced than the average generator set.

Whether you have a specific product in mind for the job, or not a clue where to start, YorPower posses full project capability;
Design – Specification – Legislation Compliance – On-Site Works – Commissioning & Testing – Handover – Service & Support. Send us a brief and we will create a bespoke package solution.