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Hybrid Generators

YorPower hybrid generators reduce fuel consumption and operate for extended periods without servicing. These gensets comprise a compact battery power pack which efficiently stores and provides electricity to any application or equipment that the user requires. The hybrid generator powers the battery power pack but it can be changed by any combination of available power sources. YorPower hybrid generators have been designed specifically for the telecoms, off grid, market and are manufactured to operate for extended periods without servicing. These gensets are therefore perfectly suited to the export market, in off-grid areas where electricity supply is precarious.

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Other available power sources for charging the battery power pack include:

  • Mains power
  • Diesel Generator
  • Hydro-electric Turbine
  • Solar Panel
  • Wind Turbine

As a generator manufacturer, YorPower focuses on two key areas with the lowest capital investment if mains power is either unreliable or totally unavailable – providing a flexible, turnkey solution using a suitably sized generator. A hybrid power pack, typically provides a reduction in fuel consumption of 30% – 50% for 40 hours use per week. Use of hybrid power packs is particularly effective when used in conjunction with a generator where shot periods of high load and prolonged period of loads are encountered. This approach allows the user to save considerable amounts of fuel and power.

Common uses of Hybrid generators include:

  • Telecom sites (Off-mains grid)
  • Remote locations that lack mains power e.g. farms
  • Rural mini-grids
  • Military and emergency relief applications
  • Mining
  • Apartment buildings
  • Remote houses
  • Construction sites

Hybrid system function according to load:

Normal load = The hybrid unit provides power, silently and without emissions

Average load/ recharge = The control system switches on the diesel generator to provide power whilst also recharging the hybrid power pack

Peak load = The diesel generator and the hybrid power pack work together to supply peak load. This arrangement means the diesel generator does not have to be sized to cope with peak demand and allows use of a smaller unit.

Stand alone = The hybrid power pack can also work as an independent stand-alone unit for up to 48 hours, using mains power to recharge

Benefits of using hybrid generators:

  • Reduced fuel consumption (30% – 50% lower)
  • Reduced C02 emissions – significantly reduced environmental impact
  • Extended generator life
  • Reduced generator maintenance costs
  • Silent power (subject to load)
  • Additional power for peak demand
  • Allows for use of smaller generator
  • Instant switchover – no time lag to start the generator motor
  • No step load issues – 100% of power on demand.